Iron Core Reactors

Each Impact Energy Equalizer/Activar product includes specially designed iron core reactors used in series with the capacitors. Each reactor is manufactured under high control tolerances to ensure quality, constructed with a laminated low-hysteresis loss iron core, copper windings, precision-controlled air gaps, and Class H insulation.
(180 degrees C)

Available Reactor Types:

• Inrush -only: Reactors designed to limit the inrush current which may develop in the capacitors during power up, avoiding damage to switching elements, fuses, and capacitors.
• De-tuned: Prevent resonance conditions by shifting the capacitor/network resonant frequency to below the first dominant harmonic(s), usually the 5th and/or 7th.
• Tuned: Designed to absorb a majority of the dominant harmonic(s), usually the 5th and/or the 7th.


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